Recovery is a choice.
It takes time! It takes patience!

High Sheriff Visit 2017

Darlington Recovery and Wellbeing Services had recently the honour of a visit from both Ada Burns the Chief Executive at Darlington Borough Council and High Sheriff of Durham Mrs Caroline Peacock.

This was no ordinary visit but a request from the High Sheriff to attend our service. Mrs Peacock had expressed an interest in understanding more about the impact of substance misuse and attending Darlington NECA to witness what provisions and support was available to individuals.

To maximise the potential of the visit and effectiveness of the service it was agreed through client consultation to deliver several taster groups during the visit which was explained on the arrival of both The Chief Executive and Mrs Peacock.

This resulted in representation of twelve clients attending the Art, Music and SMART groups to which all were given the opportunity to express and discuss their recovery with the visitors.

The visit concluded with the music group playing some music and vocals from one the clients.

Following the visit, both the Sheriff and Chief Executive expressed how they were impressed at what was available for those accessing the service but more so that the clients had been willing to share their experiences.

Further contact was made with the High Sheriff to feedback how the clients had enjoyed the experience and also to establish if they would attend the forthcoming service open day scheduled for the 12th October, to open the event and facilitate presenting ten clients with awards for successfully completing a Level 1 drug and alcohol misuse certificate.

Their response was very encouraging and indicative of how they had enjoyed the visit.

“I was hugely impressed by the work you are doing and all the people I met.

Thank you for your kind invitation.  I would be absolutely delighted to join you on 12th October and have marked the date firmly in my diary.  Similarly I am more than happy to open the event and present awards.  I will see if my husband may be available to come along too, and also my Chaplain, who is always interested in all the good work that goes on in support of vulnerable people”.

The response above indicates the impact of the visit and in many ways show cases the dedication and good work all the staff provide in ensuring an effective service is maintained.