Recovery is a choice.
It takes time! It takes patience!

Be Involved

There are man ways to be involved including:

Regional Representation

Speak to us on how to have a voice at a regional level for recovery focused services.

Service User Involvement

Client consultation and service user involvement is vital to the success of the service and ensuring what we provide is effective. Please speak with a member of staff or join our service user consultation groups in Darlington.

Memory tree

Members of the Art and Media group designed and produced a tree of remembrance to allow client’s and staff to pay their respects to those they have lost to drug and alcohol abuse. Originally leaves were produced to allow people to write individual messages which could be placed on the tree.

Members of the Art and Media group discussed how they could further develop the Tree of Remembrance to allow client’s to continue to pay their respects to those they have lost to drug and alcohol abuse.

Peer Support and Mentoring

As with volunteering, this opportunity brings together individuals to support each other in identifying their recovery needs whilst also promoting wellbeing and confidence to maintain recovery.


We believe that an investment should be made in our Volunteers in terms of their personal development. To this end we will provide regular and on-going support, supervision and training to enable Volunteers to enhance their volunteering work and to provide employment opportunities in the wider community.

By volunteering with us, you’re helping to make a difference to your community and the health and happiness of countless people.

For further information and details on other volunteer roles please visit or contact NECA Darlington on 01325 267230